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  • The Evolution of Pest Control
  • The Evolution of Pest Control
  • The Evolution of Pest Control
  • The Evolution of Pest Control
  • The Evolution of Pest Control
  • The Evolution of Pest Control
  • The Evolution of Pest Control
  • The Evolution of Pest Control

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Clients of Pest Management, Inc. experience first hand the difference that our methods have on their pest control problems. The training of every Pest Management employee is an important part of our client’s success. That includes the emphasis on time spent getting to know the problem, the time spent to control or eradicate the problem pest, the equipment and materials used, and the protocols that are followed. That also extends to better guarantees from every service offered, to give clients that peace of mind that the problem will absolutely be managed properly.

Expertise & Commitment to Service

It is a reality that pests will never be eliminated from our communities. We understand that the discomfort of a pest infestation can turn to complete frustration if it is not handled properly and completely. That is why Pest Management, Inc always takes our time with each client.

Every pest problem must be both treated and managed with suitable due diligence. Only the most committed pest control companies take their time and use the most up-to-date methods and protocols. There are plenty of pest companies in the market that focus more on the volume of appointments in a day, rather than on quality work for each client. For those who want the job done right, Pest Management, Inc. is here. Pest Management, Inc. is a leader in The Evolution of Pest Control.

When pests invade your home or office it's important to be prepared by knowing what questions you should ask your pest control service provider. At Pest Management, Inc. we understand that you want the bugs gone fast and we're committed to providing quality service by technicians who are highly qualified to get the job done right the first time.

Specialty Services

Pest Management, Inc. has become well known for Bed Bugs. Our techniques and protocols used to kill bed bugs have gained wide recognition within and throughout the State of Texas, with Government Agencies, Commercial Property Owners, and even with National Geographic. We were the first Pest Control company in Texas to have Bed Bug Dogs that specilize in detection. These K-9 units are especially effective with Bed Bug problems. We were also the first in Texas to use Thermal Heat for Bed Bugs.

Review our specialty offerings for your pest problems and give us a call today!