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Creating a Safer, Cleaner Environment

Bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi can be discovered in every environment and are part of normal everyday life. Even in the cleanest environments, many kinds of microbes will begin to multiply on surfaces and sometimes reach harmful levels. If these contaminated surfaces are touched by individuals or contact everyday products, the transfer of microbes begins, resulting in cross-contamination. Pathogenic bacteria, such as MRSA, STAPH and E.coli can be spread via cross-contamination, which can lead to infection and illness in humans and animals.9

Bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi can also build-up on products, making them unclean, unhygienic, or discolored. Pest Management's bio-static antimicrobial GermLogic™ applications provide durable surface protection, continuously working 24/7 to inhibit the growth of microbes which can cause sickness, stains, odors or declination of products. This protection will not wash off or wear away, giving it durable antimicrobial product surface protection for the useful life of the product.

The active ingredient of GermLogic™ is an organo-functional silane technology. It physically disrupts or “disembowels” the target organism’s cell membrane on contact. The GermLogic™ product molecularly bonds to a treated substrate, thus making the entire material itself antimicrobial. This means that organisms do not metabolize and minimizes the risk of the development of resistance known as mutagenicity. Through extensive studies, this colorless, odorless, and non-leeching technology was found to be safe and effective against a broad spectrum of virus, fungi, bacteria, algae, and yeast.

Service in Texas

As often as once per month, a trained service technician will schedule a treatment for your designated areas using our specialized applicators.

This service is recommended for Fitness Centers, Medial Facilities, Day Cares/Schools, Universities, Athletic Programs and Facilities, Food Service, Retail, Airlines/Transportation, Hotels, Offices, and Assisted Living Facilities.

Thermal Sanitation

We are one of the first companies in Texas to offer thermal remediation for the control of germs. This eco-friendly approach is an effective way to kill many types of germs and sanitize an entire room or structure.

UVC Sanitation

By broadcasting high-output UVC light to virtually every surface in the treated area, the UVC output eliminates pathogens and decontaminates the air at a rate of 250 cubic feet per minute. This output is more than sufficient to kill Clostridium difficile spores and/or the MRSA bacteria in 5 minutes. View UVC sanitation in action here.

Products for Sale

BioLogic is our formulated solution and can be purchased in our Online Store for who wish to apply the technology themselves.

BioLogic replaces the need for daily chemical disinfectants and provides long lasting protection (90-days or longer) against bacteria and viruses by reducing the presence and growth of microbe populations by up to 99.99%.

An invisible biostatic layer is applied to surfaces (including: porus and non-porus, fabrics, cushions, and virtually any substrate) and provides a mechnical disruption through biostatic shock.** BioLogic™ molecularly bonds to the surface to protect for extended periods. Since it has a mechanical effect on the microbes, it can also prevent the breeding of disinfectant resistant "super bugs." **Leaves no discernable trace.


GermLogic™ is based on a unique antimicrobial technology which effectively controls bacteria, fungi, algae and yeasts on a wide variety of treated articles and substrates. The base active is registered with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and comparable regulatory bodies around the world.

The antimicrobial has been used safely and effectively in all areas from construction to plastics as well as hospital applications.

In addition to providing GermLogic application services we offer a full range of cleaning and disinfecting treatment options. Whether used as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with GermLogic, you will be protected.

Click here to view a full list of bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses our services provide protection from.

BioLogic can also be used in manufacturing, for more information click here.


We offer the opportunity for retailers to become distributors of BioLogic, and provide a superior solution to the ongoing issues created by germs in our home, work, and public environments.

Contact our office at 512-288-1007 for more details.