At Pest Management, Inc., we offer our customers the very best in pest and bed bug control at every step in the process. Our employees are highly trained in providing expert care to eradicate the problem at hand, and we take the time to thoroughly understand clients’ needs in every unique case. We utilize top-of-the-line equipment and materials and employ well-tested protocols and practices. Our motto is “Get it Done Right the First Time,” and we always guarantee our services and provide our clients with peace of mind.

Our Commitment to Service

We understand how the discomfort of a Pest Infestation can turn into complete frustration if not handled properly. We want our clients to never have to experience the stress of a returning pest. We are deeply committed to taking our time and serving our clients thoroughly and professionally. Our Pest Management technicians are highly trained in the very best methods for solving your pest control issue. We promise to always focus on effectiveness and care in each individual appointment, rather than the number of appointments we make.

The Bed Bug Epidemic

Many of our clients come to Pest Management, Inc. due to our excellent reputation for bed bug treatment. As the first pest control company in Texas to utilize Bed Bug dogs for detection and thermal heat remediation for treating these pests, we have used and developed state-of-the-art practices for eradicating these troublesome pests through the years. Pest Management, Inc. has been featured on National Geographic and recognized by government agencies and commercial property owners alike for our highly effective bed bug control methods.

We’ll help you get to the bottom of your service pest control problem. From bats and fleas to ants and mosquitoes, we can help you address the pests and make your home or business comfortable and safe.