Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed bugs are difficult to find and difficult to treat. They can affect people from all walks of life and have become increasingly common across the US during the past 10 years. When bed bugs infest a property, they can spread quickly, making homes and breeding in beds, walls, carpets, and computers. Because these blood-sucking creatures are nocturnal, infestations can often go undiscovered for a period of time, causing a great deal of frustration, restlessness, and discomfort for baffled property owners and residents.

Thankfully, Pest Management, Inc. has been at the forefront of fighting the battle against bed bugs. We have the largest Heat Remediation Fleet in Texas and were the first in that state to employ methods like heat bed bug treatment and Canine bed bug detection dogs. These environmentally-friendly approaches, along with other organic methods, like Cryonite treatment, are highly effective without relying on chemicals.

From prevention to detection, to bed bug control, to bed bug treatment, the team at Pest Management, Inc. can help manage all aspects of the Bed Bug issue. We can help educate your staff and tenants about how to prevent bed bug infestations. We can send in our highly trained bed bug detection dogs to confirm infestations or as a regular prevention measure for properties like hotels. And through a mix of chemical-free approaches with effective chemical treatments when necessary, we can help both residential and commercial properties of all types get rid of current bed bug problems or simply stay bedbug-free.

Discovering a bed bug infestation is an upsetting experience. But Pest Management, Inc.’s team of bed bug pest control experts is ready to deploy the latest, most advanced methods to rid your property of bed bugs and allow you to once again sleep easy – and without hidden bedmates.