Bed Bugs Protection Policy

As America’s bed bug problem has gotten worse, owners of multi-family residential properties have found themselves especially vulnerable. Each and every apartment building is at risk for bed bug infestation, and owners are at risk for incurring damage and treatment fees at the hands of these sneaky and persistent insects.

With multiple units, multiple residents traveling to hotels across the country and across the world, and multiple sets of furniture being constantly moved into a building, it’s easy to see why the risk increases exponentially for multi-family properties. Thankfully, Pest Management, Inc.’s Bed Bug Protection Policy can provide peace of mind and financial protection.

Our Bed Bug Protection Policy helps make tenants more accountable and helps owners and managers avoid the unforeseen costs of bed bug remediation. You can opt for either protection with a deductible for an average of $3 per unit, per month, or protection without a deductible for an average of $9 per unit, per month. In both cases, our expert team will inspect units when an infestation is suspected. If bed bugs are detected, your remediation costs will be limited to either a $500 deductible per unit, or, if you have a plan without a deductible, the treatment cost will be 100 percent covered.

Our Bed Bug Protection Policy will protect you from unexpected costs and allow you to establish an annual budget for bed bugs. What’s more, the plan can actually generate revenue, as many owners opt to charge tenants a premium for bed bug protection over Pest Management, Inc.’s per-unit rate.

The policy can help you avoid tension, hassles and even legal battles with tenants. You can skip the struggle of attempting to assign blame for bed bugs, and instead focus on handling an infestation.

A Bed Bug Protection Policy can also help improve detection and reduce the spread of bed bugs. Tenants who aren’t worried about facing blame and financial fallout are more likely to report potential infestations. This allows less time for infestations spread to other units and less time for bed bugs to cause more damage before they are discovered.

Our Bed Bug Protection Policy rates depend on factors like individual property conditions and bed bug history, and can vary from property to property. Contact Pest Management, Inc. today to learn more about how our Bed Bug Protection Policy can help protect your business, your relationship with your tenants and your financial future.