At Pest Management, Inc., we are proud to offer a number of bed bug treatments that are not only highly effective, but eco-friendly, too. These completely organic bed bug control options help put property owners and residents at ease on multiple fronts – not only do these methods get rid of the bugs, they do so without exposure to harsh chemicals.

Thermal Heat Remediation

Heat treatment for bed bugs is a powerful chemical-free approach that heats an area to temperatures higher than ones bed bugs can survive in – around 130 degrees. Thermal heat remediation is completely organic, highly effective and a good way to rid entire rooms or properties of bed bugs.

Cryonite Treatment

Cryonite is another eco-friendly approach that uses temperature to kill bed bugs, but unlike heat remediation, Cryonite freezes the bugs out. This targeted approach relies on a sprayed dry ice that reaches temperatures below -100 degrees to kill bed bugs and their eggs. There are no chemicals involved in Cryonite – only rapidly frozen carbon dioxide – and it is often used on sensitive items like beds, medical supplies and food-production tools.


Prevention is a smart and environmentally-friendly approach to bed bug control. By preventing infestations from ever happening, from reoccurring, or by discovering problems at a very early stage, less reliance on chemical pest control methods are required. Prevention helps create a green, healthy and effective pest management plan.

Our bed bug service plans help protect properties like apartment complexes and hotels from future bed bug infestations. These plans combine different efforts like routine K-9 bed bug inspections, staff and tenant education, and immediate professional responses to bed bug concerns.

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