Cryonite Treatment

Pest Management, Inc. is happy to offer non-pesticide Cryonite treatment as a part of our arsenal of techniques used to battle bed bugs and other insects. This treatment is environmentally friendly and 100 percent organic. Because of its safe and chemical-free nature, Cryonite can be used in a variety of sensitive areas – including food production areas, bed frames, mattresses, furniture and electronic or medical equipment.

This technology utilizes the rapid freezing of carbon dioxide to create a sprayed form of dry ice below -100 degrees Fahrenheit. The frozen spray can be used to eliminate insects of all types and all life cycles on contact. From moth eggs to cockroach larvae to bed bug adults, Cryonite can help control populations of all types without the use of pesticide.

This means that your company can keep operating as normal during treatment with Cryonite, minimizing production downtime for your business. Your staff is able to keep working in the building during treatment, and won’t have to leave the premises, as is often the case with chemical treatments. The process is also dry and leaves behind no liquids, meaning it can have direct contact with sanitized surfaces, sensitive equipment and foodstuffs.

For owners of hotels or other hospitality businesses, Cryonite can mean ridding a room of bed bugs without requiring several days of quarantine to allow chemicals to disperse. For medical facilities, the treatment is safe to use in medical supply areas, laboratories and surgical centers. This organic pest control method can also come into direct contact with food without contaminating any of your products or supplies. And for homeowners, Cryonite can be used directly on beds and without deploying any chemicals on the furniture.

To learn how Cryonite treatment could help with your residential or commercial pest control needs, contact Pest Management, Inc.