DNA Testing

Pest Management, Inc. now offers DNA testing for bed bugs. DNA testing is another effective way to determine the presence of bed bugs. It is efficient, affordable, fast and accurate. One of our trained bed bug pest control technicians can come to your home or office and take a sample from an area you believe bed bugs may be present.

To confirm or deny the presence of bed bugs, our technician will obtain a DNA sample by swabbing areas where bed bugs are likely to be present.¬†Our lab will test the results and you’ll have an answer in one business day. It’s that easy!

This sample is then sent to a lab for DNA analysis, with results ready in 24 hours. It is the most scientifically accurate way to confirm or deny the presence of bed bugs and can save you the cost of treatment if bed bugs aren’t confirmed.

If you prefer, we can mail the kit to you. You’ll obtain the sample and return the kit to us for testing. Either way, your bed bug fears will be addressed once and for all.

Using DNA testing, we can also determine if rodents, cockroaches, ticks, fleas and many other unwanted pests are present, even if you haven’t seen them. This method is a cost-effective way to determine which pest control is needed before you begin treatment.