K-9 Inspection Bed Bug

Pest Management, Inc. has been on the cutting edge of bed bug control for years. Our expert K-9 inspection bed bug team is always looking for new, effective and eco-friendly options for managing these troublesome pests. As a part of this passion for innovation, we have become the first pest control company in Texas with a K-9 inspection bed bug team.

For humans, bed bug detection is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive task. But trained bed bug dogs can use their powerful sense of smell to sniff out bed bugs with much quicker and more accurate results. Certified bed bug detection dogs, like those in our K-9 team, can completely search an entire room for bed bugs in two to three minutes with 97 percent accuracy, finding bugs that even the most highly-trained humans might not be able to locate. Because these pups are able to sniff out single bed bugs, they can help detect the insects before they become a full-blown, hard-to-treat infestation.

Our team of k-9 inspection bed bug dogs was trained at the Florida Canine Academy by Master Trainer Bill Whitstine and have over 1000 hours of training under their collars. The dogs work with a select team of Pest Management, Inc. employees who have also undergone extensive training under the respected guidance of Mr. Whitstine. The human half of this team is dedicated to keeping our bed bug dogs healthy, happy and sharp.

Our highly-trained canines can pinpoint the location of adult bed bugs and their eggs in residential or commercial properties of all sorts. The dogs can be brought in to confirm existing infestations or to be a part of an on-going bed bug prevention and inspection program.

For Commercial properties, our bed bug dogs can help you prevent infestation and provide peace of mind to residents, customers, and guests. Our team can be deployed to quickly address customer satisfaction issues, and greatly reduce the labor, financial burden and downtime associated with a full-blown bed bug infestation.

When bed bugs are found and treatment is required, the Bed Bug dogs can be used afterward to confirm that the problem is completely resolved.

The ability for early scent detection provided by Pest Management, Inc.’s K-9 inspection bed bug team results in a more comfortable, more affordable and more eco-friendly bed bug treatment process for our customers.