Protection Guarantee

For a monthly fee, you can relax and know that all of your bed bug issues are being handled by Pest Management Inc.’s prevention, surveillance and control methodology. With this service plan, you can be assured that if a bed bug issue does arise; there is no additional out of pocket expense associated with treatments.

Each plan includes the following:

Thorough Inspections
Our K-9 Detection Team will perform routine, preventative inspections as well as respond to complaints or concerns.

Immediate Response
Quick turnaround to calls concerning customer complaints or bed bug sightings.

Chemical and/or Heat Treatment
Bed bugs will be controlled with the appropriate treatment fast and effectively.

Staff Training
One of our highly trained technicians will consult your staff members on a bi-annual basis on the prevention, detection and containment of bed bugs.

Our Bed Bug Protection Policy works as an insurance policy for bed bugs and is ideal for hotels, apartment communities, hospitals, commercial buildings and even single family homes for those who travel frequently and are at high risk for introducing bed bugs.

Please contact our office to speak a highly trained pest control professional to learn more!