Bed Bugs in Apartments Becoming Large Problem

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As the owner or manager of an apartment complex, you understand how damaging bed bugs in Austin apartments can be.  With many resources available online for residents to publicly voice their concerns and report instances of bed bugs, managing bed bugs in Austin apartment complexes before they become a problem is important.

How do bed bugs in Austin apartments spread?

Working in partnership with a reputable bed bug pest control company in Austin can save your residents a lot of discomfort and your staff from dealing with angry reports of bed bugs in apartments.  Bed bugs in Austin are on the rise.  The close quarters and combined ductwork of apartment complexes provides many opportunities for bed bugs to travel and quickly spread, resulting in an Austin apartment bed bug infestation.  Online reports of bed bug problems make it easy for bad reviews to spread, damaging the reputation of your apartment complex.

Does my apartment need bed bug pest control?

If you’re concerned that your apartment building needs bed bug pest control, call a professional for a thorough evaluation.  With the assistance of bed bug detecting dogs, blood sucking bed bugs can be located quickly and efficiently and measures taken to quickly control bed bugs.  Once identified, a bed bug heat treatment is frequently the best way to get rid of bed bugs in Austin apartments.  By heating up the entire room, all bed bugs are killed, preventing them from spreading and the infestation from becoming worse.

Don’t risk unhappy residents and harmful online reviews for bed bug problems in your Austin apartment complex.  Call a bed bug pest control expert to take a proactive approach to providing a bed bug free living environment.

Bed Bugs in Texas Can Be Controlled Without Pesticide

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Along with many other places in the United States, there is currently a resurgence of bed bugs in TexasPest control experts believe there are several reasons bed bugs are beginning to thrive again after many years when they were largely under control.

As travel within the United States and abroad becomes a much more common part of daily life for many Americans, it has also become a prime way for bed bugs to expand their territory.  Hiding in folds of luggage they hitch a ride from one destination to another, where they take up residence and begin breeding.

Why are bed bugs in Texas getting worse?

In the early 20th century, people traveled less so the opportunity for bed bugs to move was much smaller.  Pesticides used to treat bed bugs during this time contained DDT, which was an acceptable and effective method for killing bed bugs.  DDT was outlawed in 1972.

Shortly after DDT was banned, other pesticides to treat bed bugs were created.  While safer for humans, these new pesticides weren’t as strong and bed bugs soon developed resistance and began to thrive once again.

Are pesticide-free options for bed bug control available?

In response to the growing bed bug problem in Texas, we were the first to offer a pesticide-free bed bug treatmentHeat treatment for bed bugs is an effective method of bed bug pest control that does not require the use of pesticides.

Because much of the public is uninformed about bed bugs, the problem is rapidly reaching an epidemic condition.  By learning how they spread, what the symptoms of bed bugs are and how to treat the problem, you can help eliminate the spread of bed bugs and sleep better at night.

Austin Bed Bugs Now Serious Pest Control Problem

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If you saw the recent news story on My FOX Austin, you know that Austin is currently ranked high among the top cities in the United States for bed bug problems.  It’s wise to become educated about the dangers of Austin bed bugs.  Protect yourself from bringing these unwanted pests into your home or business.

Don’t only dirty people have bed bug problems?

Many people think bedbugs are only a problem for people with dirty homes or who live in low-income areas.  This is not the case.  Bed bug treatment by pest control professionals is now used in almost every area of society, including libraries, hospitals, hotels and schools.

They are small and stealthy hitchhikers.  If someone takes a cab home from the airport and one finds its way into their suitcase, it can then hop out in their home and a bed bug infestation can begin.  It often takes up to two months before you realize you have a problem, at which point it is a serious bed bug problem that only a pest control professional in Austin can help get under control.

How can I treat Austin bed bugs myself?

Treatment options vary, but bedbugs are very difficult to get rid of without professional help.  Many bedbugs are showing resistance to treatments that have worked in the past.  The most effective way to get rid of the pests is to use heat remediation treatment for bed bugs.  It heats up the entire room and is very effective pest control for bed bugs.  We are experts at using this treatment to quickly get rid of unwanted pests.

The good news is that with an experienced pest control team on your side, you don’t have to suffer from the itchy bites and uncomfortable sleeping conditions any longer.