How Can Property Managers Protect Against Bed Bugs?


Bed bugs are tiny little creatures that can be really bad for business. These pesky bugs can cause big problems for landlords, owners of apartment buildings, and other multi-family properties. An infestation can be prevented with a bed bug action plan and educating tenants and staff on property.

Proper Prevention Methods

Unfortunately, bed bugs can pop up anywhere. But certain steps can keep them at bay, including developing an Integrated Pest Management plan with the help of pest control professionals. These plans focus on prevention and can attack pest issues from all angles. Such a plan helps to develop clear response steps in the event of a bed bug issue.

If bed bugs have been a problem, prevention steps like regular visits from a bed bug detection dog can keep problems in check and help discover new bed bug hot spots before they spread. Regular visual inspections of common areas like lounges and laundry rooms are also recommended. But perhaps one of the most important aspects of prevention is education.

Education is Crucial

Educating your tenants and staff can go a long way in the fight to prevent bed bugs. Simple mailings to each tenant can inform them of prevention methods like reducing clutter, plus general facts like what bed bugs look like, signs of infestations, and the importance of reporting any potential bed bug issues quickly. These efforts can help with better reporting of bed bug issues, instead of residents being concerned they will be blamed for the bed bug problem and delaying notification to property management. These delays can lead to far bigger and harder to control problems.

More in-depth methods can be used to educate and train staff on bed bug prevention. Staff can be taught to spot and address bed bug hiding spots like cracks in baseboards, peeling wallpaper, and old belongings left behind by former residents.

Although the hope is that bed bugs will never show their unpleasant faces, it is important that you and your staff are ready to handle a bed bug issue. Develop a plan to educate your staff on procedures and be sure to communicate with residents. Make sure that complaints are responded to quickly and with the assistance of bed bug professionals.

Pest Management, Inc. can help with every step of the bed bug control process. We provide effective education and consulting services, inspections using our canine bed bug detection dogs, development of prevention plans, financial protection with Bed Bug Protection Policies and cutting-edge, highly effective bed bug treatment. Contact us today to start protecting your rental properties, tenants and investments from the damaging effects of bed bugs.