Bed Bugs Gone – Guaranteed

It is never convenient to have bed bugs and treatment options can become expensive quickly. Pest Management’s Bed Bug Protection Policy offers an affordable, 4-pronged system to combat current bed bug issues and to prevent future bed bug issues. Our monthly fee prevents you from having additional and unexpected out of pocket expenses should a bed bug infestation occur. At the same time, it gives you piece of mind that the bed bugs will be handled in a prompt, thorough, and professional manner.

All plans utilize Pest Management’s prevention, surveillance and control methodology and include the following:

Thorough Inspections with our K-9 Detection Team

Backed by multiple research studies, K-9 detection dogs are one of the best tools in the industry for bedbug detection and management. They are trained to detect bed bugs in all stages- from eggs to adults.

Our K-9 Detection Dogs are able are able to

  • Inspect areas that humans can’t
  • Perform inspections up to 80% faster
  • Have a 98% detection success rate

This is why our K-9 Detection Team is used for both routine, preventative inspections and complaints or concerns.

We Respond Right Away

We know that the moment you sight a bed bug, or think that you may have bed bugs is the moment that you want them gone. This is why we pride ourselves on our quick response and turn around to calls concerning bed bugs or bed bug sightings.

Bed bugs can spread quickly. Our quick response is designed for your piece of mind and to help to minimize and prevent the further spread of the bed bug infestation.

The Right Treatment Plan for the Job

Bed bugs can be controlled with a variety of treatment options ranging from chemical spot treatments to heat treatments. We will work with you to develop and quickly implement the treatment plan that is best for you.

We Will Train Your Staff for Prevention

Bi-annually, one of our highly trained technicians will consult and train your staff members on best practices for prevention, detection, and containment of bed bugs.

Benefits of our Bed Bug Protection Policy

Our Bed Bug Protection Policy serves as an insurance policy against bed bugs that gives you professional bed bug pest management support and peace of mind at an affordable, fixed cost.

Our policy is ideal for commercial buildings, apartment communities, hotels, hospitals, and even single family homes for those who travel frequently and are at a higher risk of contracting bed begs.

To learn more, contact us to speak to a member of our trained pest control team.