Why are bed bug sniffing dogs so effective?

Up until about few years ago, most people assumed bed bugs were just a thing of the past, but then there were articles in the New York Times about bed bug infestations in hotels, apartment buildings, college dorms and even hospitals. These tiny blood-sucking insects are very adept at hiding in the seams of clothing, crevices in suitcases, and anywhere else they can hitch a ride to their next meal, thus the bed bug outbreak has quickly spread. Today, it seems as if the entire country has had an infestation of bed bugs and people are looking for ways to quickly find the pests and eradicate them.

Some Tell Tale Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

Since bed bugs are so small and they tend to be nocturnal, many people are not even aware they have an infestation until they start waking up with itchy insect bites or welts. Even then, some people mistake the small bed bug bites for gnat or mosquito bites. Some signs of a bed bug infestation include:

* Dark stains on bedding, especially around the seams of mattresses

* Small shell casings along the bed frame or baseboard

* Small reddish brown spots on sheets or furniture upholstery

Many people make the mistake when they find what they believe to be a bed bug infestation that all they need to do is go to their local home and garden store and get an insecticide to treat the area. They quickly find out their do-it-yourself attempts at bed bug control have not succeeded and they need to hire a pest control professional.

Reasons to Have a Trained Bed Bug Dog Inspect Your Home

Most people have heard service dogs that can sniff and alert their handlers to drugs and bombs but have not hears of dogs trained to find bed bugs. Bed bug sniffing dogs are trained in a similar fashion as the dogs trained to find explosives and narcotics, except they are rewarded when they alert to the smell of the pheromones emitted by the bed bugs. Besides the novelty of having a dog and its handler inspect your home for bed bugs, they are much more efficient and effective than humans are to find out if you have a bed beg infestation and, if you do, where the bugs are hiding. Some of the advantages of having a trained bed bug dog inspect your home include:

* The dog’s sense of smell is highly sensitive so it can quickly detect the pheromones of the bed bugs, even when there is no evidence visible to the naked eye.

* The dog can search, sniff, and alert in places that are not easily accessible to people.

* A bed bug alert dog and its handler can search a home in a matter of minutes, while it can take a human inspector several hours to inspect the same area.

* Bed bug alert dogs have a 96 percent rate of success in finding bed bugs. In fact, they tend to find infestations that human inspectors miss.

If you suspect you have bed bugs and want to have a bed bug dog sniff them out for you, contact a reputable pest control company who can arrange for a trained bed bug dog and his handler to visit your home.