Why Bed Bug Dogs Are Better Than Humans

Bed bugs are back! Thought to be almost eradicated decades ago, bed bug infestations are on the rise. This means the stress of dealing with infestations is also on the rise.

Bed bugs hide in all sorts of nooks, crannies, and hard to see places. There are also several other types of insects that look similar to bed bugs (carpet beetles, book lice, and bat bugs to name a few). If you think you have bed bugs, you want to be 100% sure before you spend money on treatment.

Bed bug detection dogs are the most effective and efficient way to confirm bed bugs:

Bed Bug Detection Dog Human
  • Uses olfaction (scent) to detect bed bugs and their eggs, even those hidden in furniture
  • 97% success rate identifying the presence of bed bugs and their location
  • Takes 2-3 minutes to inspect a room, no need to disassemble furniture
  • Uses vision to detect bed bugs & their presence, can’t see bed bugs hidden in furniture
  • Lower success rate identifying hard to find bed bugs
  • Takes 2-3 hours to inspect a home or business, furniture may need to be disassembled

A study conducted by the University of Florida on using dogs to detect the presence of bed bugs found that well-trained detection dogs were able to tell the difference between bed bugs and other similar insects 100% of the time.  Because bed bug detection dogs are trained to find bed bugs by smell, you will not get a false positive.

The study also found that the detection dogs had 0 false positives (indicating the presence of bed bugs when there wasn’t any). A bed bug detection dog is the only method of bed bug inspection that can give you close to 100% accuracy in detecting bed bugs.

Bed bug dogs are great for follow-up inspections if you have treated for bed bugs. Because bed bugs are resilient and can go months without feeding, it can be hard to know if you have successfully eradicated the infestation. A follow-up inspection using a bed bug detection dog can help determine the success of your treatment.

If you suspect you may have bed bugs and need peace of mind, a bed bug inspection with a detection dog can help. Pest Management, Inc.’s bed bug detection dog Bernie has over 1,000 hours of bed bug detection training and experience. Our K-9 units, their effectiveness, and our arsenal of treatment options were featured on National Geographic.

To learn more about detection dogs and bed bug treatment options, check out our video library. Our state of the art thermal heat remediation is the most effective treatment to kill the bugs and any eggs, so you know they’ll be gone for good.

To find out how our K-9 units can give you peace of mind and help you rest easier, contact us today.