How Do I Prepare for Bed Bug Treatment?

Successful Bed Bug Treatment Starts with the Prep

So you’ve discovered bed bugs and you’ve called in the experts for treatment. You might think that your job is done and it’s time to let the professionals take over, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Just prior to bed bug treatment, residents and homeowners play a major role in ensuring that the process will be successful by properly preparing their house. Let’s take a look at some of these important steps residents must take.

Extreme De-cluttering

It is very important that the bed bug-fighting team has access to every corner, crack and crevice of your home. With this goal in mind, it’s time to de-clutter like you’ve never decluttered before. As with many steps in the home-preparing process, attention to detail is key to preventing re-infestation. Any unneeded junk, trash and clutter needs to be gathered, double-bagged and thrown away. Pull furniture back from walls, remove items like artwork and neatly gather excess, loose items (think those mysterious piles that gather at the bottom of the closet) so the pest control team has full access.

Go on a Fabric-Cleaning Frenzy

It’s time to grab any fabric that you can wash and do so on the hottest possible temperature settings. That means clothes, bedding, curtains, towels, stuffed animals and whatever else you can reasonably grab need to be gathered, washed and dried on high heat. Throw out any bags used to gather the items and double-bag the fabrics in new, clean plastic bags when they come out of the wash. You should also vacuum furniture that can’t be washed (like couches and chairs), along with floors and other surfaces. Once again, be detailed, and when you are done, double-bag the vacuum bag and get rid of it.

Don’t Spread the Bugs While Fighting Them

During this process of home prep, you might be tempted to move some belongings to your car or to a friend’s home, but think twice before doing so. If you accidently carry out a bed bug or two while moving things to temporary storage, you could reintroduce the insects when you bring the items back home, or your could spread bed bugs to the homes of others. Ask your pest management professional about any items that might need to be removed before treatment.

When we set up bed bug treatment, Pest Management, Inc. will provide you with all the details needed to properly prepare your home. If you have questions about the process or need information on bed bug treatment, give our helpful team a call today.