How to prevent bed bugs from invading your home

Bed bugs are increasingly become a nuisance in different homes around the Austin area. This is because they can be easily transported from one home to another in suitcases or even clothes, and are also resistant to many conditions that many pests would not be able to survive in. Bed bugs are also inactive during the day and only come out at night to prey on their victims thus making it hard to spot them.

We have already established that bed bugs can make an easy entry into your home but can be a nightmare to eradicate. It is important to be aware of the sign that indicate that bed bugs have invaded your home. Bed bugs are small insects that have a flat oval body and are reddish brown in color and they leave blood spots as well as dark fecal stains after feeding. You can also find light brown shells that bed bugs shed as they grow. If you see none of these signs in your home then you are still safe and should put up measures to make sure they never invade your home.

Steps to preventing bed bugs in your home

Bed bugs like to hide in warm places that have human contact almost all the time. These places include mattresses, furniture, pillows, carpeting, chairs as well as dressers and should be inspected regularly to prevent an infestation.

Regularly treat your furniture with insecticides to prevent any bed bugs from hiding and breeding there and you can use either insecticide spray or powder or a combination of both for the best results. Also get rid of any old furniture as a preventive measure so that there is no chance of the bed bugs multiplying in case they had already infested the furniture.

Identify, seal and repair any crevices in your home to prevent any bugs from having access into your home. This also goes for the windows which should be repaired as soon as they have a defect so as to prevent any bugs or animals that might have bed bugs on them to enter into the house.

If it is possible cover all the mattresses in the home with plastic paper as one of the most favorite hiding places for bed bugs are mattresses and the plastic covering can also be done on selected chairs as well.

Ultimately, a house that is cleaned regularly and checked for bed bugs is likely to avoid a bed bug infestation for a long time.