Why Choosing an Austin Bed Bug Detecting Dog is the Best Choice

Austin bed bug dogs are a fast and efficient choice for pest control.

In 2011 the National Pest Management Association published “Bed Bug Best Management Practices” which endorses bed bug detecting dogs as a viable method for detection of Austin bed bugs. Compiled by leading industry experts, it outlines the recommended training for effective use of Austin bed bug dogs. We have known for over 10 years that bed bugs heat treatments with our K9 bed bug unit can give our customers the advantage in defeating our

If you find yourself with an Austin bed bug problem, you want to find the most effective solution as quickly as possible. Utilizing the services of an Austin pest control company that uses bed bug detection dogs is an excellent choice.  These well-trained canine pest detectors are a welcome member of the team for our Austin pest control company.

Will an Austin bed bug dog work fast?

Bed Bug dogs work quickly and efficiently. They frequently sniff out an alert for Austin bed bugs in hotels in 2 or 3 minutes. This means your pest control company can provide you with a thorough examination in minimal time, resulting in lower cost for effective Austin bed bug pest control.

An Austin bed bug dog can go under a bed and search for bed bugs in a box spring, a task that would require a human disassembling the bed to perform.  Dogs can sniff out bed bugs behind electrical outlets or baseboards.  They also smell bed bugs in the carpet or those that are hiding behind heavy furniture.  A dog can quickly search a large area much faster than a human.  This means they can detect bed bugs in areas that would require much more work for detection by human eyes.

Are Austin bed bug dogs effective?

Due to extensive training, our Bed Bug detection dogs are extremely accurate. They can detect bed bugs in every phase from tiny nymphs to adult bed bugs. Their ability to sense the tiniest bed bugs means that they can detect an infestation sooner than other methods. Faster detection means quicker treatment and that means dealing with your Austin bed bugs and making your home or business bed bug-free fast!

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