Why has heat remediation become so popular for bed bug and other pest control?

What Causes Bed Bug Infestation?
Bed bugs can be a very frustrating situation for homeowners, apartment and hotel managers, and anyone else that comes across them. They multiply rapidly and can infest apartment complexes and apartment buildings in a short amount of time. Bed bugs usually enter a structure via an infested mattress, and they can also be brought into a home or building through the luggage of someone that may have recently stayed in a hotel. Bed bugs cause severe itching and rashes, and many people have allergic reactions that are so strong, they may require a visit to the emergency room. Many people hold the belief that bed bugs are more prevalent in homes or structures that are not properly cleaned or sanitized, but that is not the case. Once bed bugs have reached their destination, they will lurk in electrical outlets, closets, and of course, bedding. What they are looking for is blood, and when they bite, it is usually in the late night hours. They are also known to leave dozens, if not hundreds of bites at a time.

Heat Remediation
Heat Remediation is becoming the most popular choice in bed bug control, and it works for other pests as well, including fleas, roaches, and any insect that has a specific thermal death point. While bed bugs tend to be the main focus with this type of pest control, home and building owners may be interested in using Heat Remediation for any other pests that they are having issues removing. The reason that Heat Remediation works so well is that bed bugs as well as other various pests are naturally drawn to body heat, as it signals a feeding area for them. The bugs will be drawn into the heat, and this will work to completely eliminate the problem. During this process, all furniture and household items will be safe and there will be no reason to have to discard of anything. This helps save money, which is another reason why many people are choosing the Heat Remediation process.

Heat Remediation Process
The process of Heat Remediation takes about 8 hours to complete. Fans are set up in the home or structure by the pest control company, and once the set up is complete, they will proceed to blow hot, dry air into the home. The home will be completely closed up, allowing for the proper circulation of the air, which is usually about 120 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. All residents must make plans to vacate the area during this process, as it is unsafe for anyone other than the pest control technicians. Once the process is complete, the residents will be able to return to their home, completely free of bed bugs and pests.

The Safer Alternative
Heat Remediation is a safer alternative to chemical pest control. The heat is only at a high level during the extermination process, and there is no chemical threat to pets or residents. It has also been documented that this special type of extermination offers long lasting effects. Once the bed bugs are exterminated through Heat Remediation, there is a very low risk of a return infestation.