Pigeons, Grackles, and Starlings: Dealing with Nuisance Birds

BirdLiftThe spring and fall are the main times birds are looking to find a nesting place to have their young. This means your vents, gutters, chimneys, roof, and even attic are prime nesting and roosting locations. Pigeons, grackles, and starlings are the most common birds found to be nesting around buildings. However, sparrows are also known to build nests in the nooks and crevices of buildings.

Structural Damage, Messy Clean-Up, and Disease

Aside from the noise and disturbances that come from having a flock of birds nesting near or in your structure, the birds can cause structural damage, leave a mess, and may carry disease.

Nests in gutters or vents can cause blockage and structural damage. It’s not uncommon for birds to also get trapped in vents or chimneys and die. This leads to a messy and smelly clean-up. Insects and animals may also be attracted to the premises by the smell of the remains.

And then there is the poop. Bird poop gets everywhere, is everywhere when you have a group of birds nesting onsite. Birds and especially bird poop can carry a number of diseases. Besides diseases, birds can also carry ticks, mites, and other parasites.
If you own a place of business, or have small children, the last thing you want is poop covering the sidewalks and structure. Additionally, large flocks of grackles and starlings can be aggressive to those passing by.


So what can you do for birds looking to make your home or structure their home?
First, bird proof your structure as much as possible. This means covers on gutters, vents, and chimneys. Seal or block any other nooks or crevices that may be attractive to birds looking to build a nest.

Also, remove, eliminate, or minimize as much as possible any food or water sources. Without adequate shelter, food, or water most birds will move on and make their nests elsewhere.


If you already have birds taking up residence, it is important to call a professional prior to removing the nests or birds. The Migratory Bird Treats and Endangered Species Acts prohibit trapping or killing of most birds, eggs, or nests without a permit. Local laws and ordinances vary, so it is important check prior to any attempts at removal or containment.
Bird watching is a past time enjoyed by many. Make sure you are enjoying the birds that you want to enjoy.