5 Tips to Keep Your Holidays Free of Unwanted Pests

It’s that time of year again.  Cool weather, warm fires and guests.  While most of us welcome guests into our homes at this time of year, some come uninvited.   They creep and crawl their way indoors and make themselves at home almost undetected.   By making your home less appealing, you’ll make Austin pest control easier and your holidays more enjoyable.

How to keep bugs out?           

1.  Remove Food & Water

Diligent cleaning, especially in the kitchen, is your best defense against pesky mice and cockroaches.  A small amount of spilled food will attract bugs if left unattended.  Store food in sealed containers or in the refrigerator to ensure it’s not accessible to pests.  Leaky faucets provide a readily available water source and should be repaired immediately.

2. Remove Shelter

Bugs and rodents need places to hide.  By keeping your home free of clutter and unneeded objects you limit their opportunities for shelter.   In addition, if they do find their way in you’ll notice them sooner, which will make dealing with your Texas bug problem a lot easier.

3.  Make Entry Difficult

As the weather cools down, bugs will attempt to make their way indoors for better living conditions.  Control pests in Austin homes by keeping screens repaired and weatherproofing your windows and doors.  Sealing cracks and gaps on the exterior of your house will prevent mice and rats from coming indoors. [Source:  UACALS]

4.  Turn Off the Lights

Bugs are attracted to the warmth that light provides.  In Texas, bed bugs and spiders are most active at night and providing them additional warmth will compound your bug problems. [Source: InsectID]  Use small nightlights if you need illumination at night and keep larger lights like lamps and porch lights turned off.

How to control an existing bug problem?

If you already have a bug problem that is too invasive to correct yourself, you’ll need the expertise of a specialist trained in pest control.  Texas has a wonderful climate, but even bugs want warm refuge for the winter.   An Austin pest control professional can do a thorough evaluation and effectively cure your bug problem quickly.  During the busy holiday season the last thing you want to deal with is unwanted visitors, so make your home less inviting to pests and call an Austin pest control expert if necessary.