Austin Pest Control For Your Home Or Business

Texas offers a year-round, warm climate that encourages the nonstop growth of pest populations, a pervasive problem that frequently requires the services of a professional Austin pest control company. Experienced exterminators equipped with the necessary tools and pesticides will come to your home, perform a thorough inspection and determine the severity of the infestation in order to develop an effective treatment plan. Home, apartment, hotel and other business owners who neglect a pest infestation or choose to treat the infestation with inadequate home remedies are only contributing to the problem by allowing the pests to continue reproducing.

Two types of biting ants frequently infest Texas dwellings that require applications of pesticides only provided by an Austin pest control company.  The odorous house ant (also called “stink ant”) is capable of building large nests within basements, walls and attics that can house over 20,000 ants along with several queens that constantly lay eggs. Odorous house ants are black or dark brown and present a strong smell of decaying coconuts when crushed. They love sweet foods and will easily find sugar containers, candy or bakery items left out on kitchen counters.

Another sugar-loving ant that an Austin pest control company is often hired to exterminate is the Pharaoh ant, a potentially dangerous insect due to their propensity to carry pathogens such as salmonella, staph and clostridium, a type of bacteria causing botulism. Although they do not bite like the stink ant, they are considered much more of a health hazard and need exterminated immediately. Pharaoh ants especially like warm areas and are often found wandering around light sockets and baseboards that tend to absorb external heat.

Referred to as silverfish because they are wingless, silver in color and have soft bodies, these nocturnal pests prefer to eat flour, paper, glue and oats and are known to inflict serious damage to wall paper and clothing. Although silverfish are not harmful to human health, anyone with a silverfish infestation should call an Austin pest control business to avoid costly property destruction and food contamination.

Even more destructive than silverfish are dry wood termites, a type of termite that does not require a water source or soil moisture to thrive and reproduce. Infestations of dry wood that remains above ground by these termites is particularly insidious because detection of dry wood termites is difficult, resulting in the establishment of extensive and sometimes irreversible damage by the time the termites are found. Owners of dwellings with a dry wood termite infestation should not spend the time trying to bait termites in an attempt to eliminate them. Instead, an Austin pest control company experienced in eradicating dry wood termites should be contacted immediately to start injecting powerfully effective insecticides into infestation areas.

Unfortunately,one common pest that just about every Texan has encountered at some point is the American cockroach. Roaches as big as two inches are frequently seen in all areas of Texas roaming both abandoned and inhabited buildings. They can rapidly infest any building, regardless of the dwelling’s condition or cleanliness level and are one of the most difficult pests to completely exterminate. Cockroach infestations definitely need the assistance of an Austin pest control service in order to eliminate these pests permanently.