Common Pest Problems in Austin

As the saying goes, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and the variety of pests that invade the homes and other residential areas near Austin is no different. From parasitic insects such as bed bugs and termites to warm-blooded nuisances like bats and raccoons, folks in the south have lots of critters who like to take up residence in not so favorable places. Fortunately for them, Austin pest control services have a host of remedies for curing the common pest problem.

Bed Bugs and Fleas

These aggravating antagonists often live in your mattress, carpet and clothing, not to mention in furniture or inside the walls of your home. As these bugs thrive in warm, dark places, Austin provides the perfect weather for a bed bug or flea family. With their taste for blood, they live near a human or animal host. If fleas or bed bugs are in your house, you might notice small, itchy bites on exposed skin as well as excrement from the pests in your mattress or sheets. Once an infestation starts, it’s hard to contain, but with the help of a good pest control service, the problem is not impossible to solve.


Subterranean termites are the most common cellulose-ingesting insects, doing more monetary damage to wooden structures per year than floods and fires combined! These tiny insects can often be found burrowing and eating their way through the wooden beams supporting your house’s frame. As they do their dirty work from the inside out, home owners may not notice their presence until the damage is done. Thus, it is smart to have pest control, Austin-based service or private, take a look at a building site before it’s too late.


Another pest frequently known to pay a visit is the rodent. Raccoons, mice, rats, bats, squirrels and opossums like to find a warm place to nest for their babies in such places as your attic or crawl space. For example, raccoons are notorious for their ability to get into trash cans as well as sheds and garages. All it takes is a small hole for them to climb into, a whiff of food, and suddenly, your garbage is all over the yard before it can be picked up.

What’s the Secret to Pest Control, Austin or Anywhere?

Local pest control (Austin) services are your best bet to resolving a bug or rodent problem. Luckily, there are several forms of pest control. Austin is home to all sorts of critters, therefore, you have plenty of pest control options, from non-poisonous traps to removal of animal waste, or even bed bug canine inspections that use dogs’ keep sense of smell to seek out insect infestations.  If you don’t live near Austin, you can still find pest control. Austin is just one of several major cities to be served by the best pest control experts around, whom will often travel as far as Houston, Dallas or even San Antonio to get the job done.