Getting The Pests Under Control In Austin

Being in a subtropical climate makes Austin an ideal place for insects and rodents, meaning there is a need for pest control.  Austin has insects such as silverfish, roaches, termites, lice, fleas, ants, fire ants, spiders and moths can damage your home or property.  Termites can do your home the greatest harm because they eat wood, weakening it until, if left untreated, it needs to be replaced.  Walls, floors, and roofing are all mostly wood in Texas homes, and as such susceptible to termite infestation.  Termites can easily be controlled, but left unprotected, your home can be seriously damaged by termites, and in many cases you cannot see or hear them.  Carpenter ants can also damage homes as they burrow into wood and weaken structures.  Carpenter ants can be found in siding, joists, beams, and wood shingles, where they can do considerable damage.  There are many firms in Austin that offer pest control.

Austin also has a rodent called a roof rat.  While most mice and rats live close to the ground, roof rats prefer the penthouse, living in the rafters of your home.  The most frequent evidence of mice or roof rats is the droppings that they leave behind.  A female roof rat can have three litters a year, with each litter numbering 5 to 8 young rats.  Being nocturnal, you won’t see much of roof rats in the day unless you disturb them.  Roof rats are most active between midnight and 4 AM.  Talk about your party creatures, roof rats live in the penthouse and move around mostly at night.  Roof rats will eat almost anything, as well as chew in your wiring.  Besides damaging your home, roof rats can spread diseases like typhus and ratbite fever.   If you see any droppings that look like roof rat droppings, or brown stains on your walls, you should call a firm that offers pest control.  Austin also has fire ants, which are aggressive when threatened.  Fire ants can sting, causing allergic reactions in some people, and leaving human skin irritated.  The most aggressive fire ant is the fire ant that came from South America, which came into the U.S. via Mobile, Alabama in the 1930s. Because of their aggressive nature, fire ants should be strong motivator to contact a firm that offers pest control.

Austin also has bedbugs that are becoming resurgent in America. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of dogs, cats, and even mice, but they strongly prefer human blood.   Bedbugs prefer to wander at night, but they are sometimes active during the day, since they will always take the opportunity to feast on a human.  Bedbugs like to squeeze into cracks and crevices, hiding in the day and then coming out at night to bite their victims.  Bedbugs are carried in the luggage and clothing of unaware travelers, hotels being the prime contact point for infestation.  As with many insects, when crushed, bedbugs produce a foul odor.  There is also a bedbug alarm pheromone, which is a chemical that they secrete when disturbed or threatened.