Houston Crazy Ants Marching Across Central United States

A relatively new species of ant that was first spotted in Houston crazy ants are a spreading menace that destroy many things in their path.

Where do crazy ants come from?

Originally native to Northern Argentina, crazy ants in Houston were likely introduced by a cargo ship traveling from the Carribean, where they were first discovered in 2002.

Named after a pest control expert who first discovered the species they are also called Raspberry Crazy Ants or Tawny Ants.  Due to their aggressive nature, in just over 10 years the ants have spread through Central Texas and have been identified in Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana.

If you’re not sure if your ant infestion is crazy ants, you can find sources online to help you identify crazy ants and find out for sure which type of ant is invading your property.

Why are Houston crazy ants dangerous?

If you live in Houstin crazy ants are a hazard that it’s wise to be aware of.   They don’t sting like fire ants, but they are far more harmful to the environment.  They are known to displace the ‘tame’ fire ants, which aren’t generally aggressive until bothered, and take over their territory.  Houston crazy ants don’t usually sting humans, but they prey on vital ladybugs and honeybees as well as baby birds.

For reasons yet to be discovered, crazy ants are drawn to electrical systems.  They don’t eat electrical wires, but instead build ‘bridges’ to travel within intricate electrical components which causes shorts.  They’ve been known to destroy everything from smartphones and laptops to air conditioners and vehicle systems.

How to treat crazy ants?

Raspeberry crazy ants are such a problem that many people turn to readily available fire ant poisons to try to cure the problem.  However, this new species of crazy ants in Houston is not affected by traditional ant poison.  The best way to control a tawny ant infestiona is to contact a pest control professional who can identify Houston crazy ants and adminster effective treatment to cure crazy ants.