How to Keep Bugs Gone. For Good.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

IPM is different than traditional pest control. It uses a multi-faceted approach that relies on prevention as a first line of resistance against pests and turns to chemical based solutions only when absolutely necessary. It offers reduced exposure to chemicals and lower overall pest control costs.

Actively monitoring pest activity and implementing preventative strategies helps to eliminate outbreaks or minimize the extent of pest related problems. Studies have proven that IPM is the most effective way to control pests. By catching outbreaks immediately they can be contained more effectively and pest control can be targeted and scaled to the problem, thereby saving time and money.

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Step 1: Set Parameters for Pest Control Action

Establish a threshold to determine which treatment method corresponds with each type of pest activity indicator.

Step 2: Identify Pests and Monitor Pest Activity

Accurate and thorough monitoring is essential to ensure that, when necessary, the proper pesticide is used and in the smallest and safest amount required to eliminate the problem.

Step 3: Record Information

Establish and maintain a system of recording that lists inspections, prevention methods used and control methods performed. Recording pest sightings can help to establish trends and patterns in pest behavior and prevent or minimize pest outbreaks.

Step 4: Prevention

The first and primary line of defense in an IPM program, this can include fixing structural damage where pests can get in and making professional recommendations for preventative measures to lower pest attraction factors.

Step 5: Control and Evaluate

If monitoring and action thresholds indicate that prevention methods are no longer effective, then enacting further pest control measures is necessary. IPM programs evaluate the best pest control method in terms of effectiveness and risk, with less risky methods being chosen first. Additional inspections and evaluations take place after treatment to monitor its effectiveness.

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