Importance of Mosquito Control in Urban Neighborhoods

Photo courtesy DR Relling.

As neighborhoods are spreading and the world is becoming progressively more urbanized, we are faced with a big problem that comes in the form of a small insect. The mosquito population is growing in urban neighborhoods, and bringing with them a multitude of problems. The biggest of those problems is not itchy bug bites or insects buzzing around your food, the biggest problem is the sometimes deadly diseases that mosquitoes spread.

What Dangers do Mosquitoes Bring?

The most commonly known disease spread by mosquitoes is Malaria. Though many people know of this disease, many are unaware of the risks. The malaria parasite is spread by female mosquitoes. It mainly runs rampant in more tropical climate regions, although it is possible to contract it in other climates as well. More than one million deaths and 300 – 500 million cases of Malaria are still reported annually throughout the world.

Other diseases such as Chikungunya and Dirofilaria immitis are also spread by mosquitoes. Chikungunya is a small-scale disease that is spreading and beginning to threaten the U.S. Dirofilaria immitis, more commonly known as heartworm, is a disease contracted by animals such as dogs, cats, foxes and raccoons. It is usually contracted when an animal is bitten by a mosquito carrying the larvae of the worm.

Why is it Necessary to Eliminate the Urban Mosquito Population?

Mosquitoes carry a multitude of other diseases as well, which is why it is vital that we eliminate the mosquito population as much as possible. Mosquito control for HOA neighborhoods and city government is especially important because not only adults are susceptible to the diseases carried by mosquitoes, but children and animals as well.

As well as removing the risk of deadly disease caused by mosquitoes, killing off the mosquitoes in urban areas will increase the quality of life for that area’s residents. People will stop having to worry about lathering on the bug spray just to step outside. It will eliminate the need to surround your deck or patio with citronella candles just to keep the mosquitoes away from your guests at every barbeque. Parents will no longer have to worry about their children picking at itchy bug bites. It will put everyone’s mind at ease knowing that they can enjoy the outdoors without worry of contracting a mosquito-borne disease.

When is it the Most Vital to Control the Mosquito Population?

The mosquito population is at its highest during the rainy and warm months. During this time mosquitoes multiply at an extremely rapid pace. Mosquitoes thrive in warm wet environments, so it is extremely necessary to spray for mosquitoes during this time, as well as before to kill off any mosquitoes that will start multiplying.

How do We Control the Mosquito Population?

Oftentimes, the cost of pest control in neighborhoods and urban areas is paid either by the city or the Neighborhood Housing Association. In the case of housing associations, everyone in the neighborhood pitches in to help cover the cost. The city or neighborhood then hires a pest control company who comes to the neighborhood and sprays the entire area with a large machine to kill off mosquitoes and make the neighborhood safer. This provides quick relief and when done every few months it can really help minimize the population of mosquitoes and reduce the risk of mosquito borne diseases dramatically.

Though many people view mosquitoes as annoying, few people see them as a real threat. Mosquitoes are a small insect but a big threat to the health and safety of the urban population. That is why it is vital that people recognize the threat, and do the best to protect themselves from it, starting with large-scale spraying for mosquitoes.