Keeping Critters and Pests Out of Your Home With Texas Pest Control

When the outdoors comes in your door

Texas is not only home to over 25,000,000 people but also a variety of insects and wildlife residents as well.  As much as most of us love the outdoors we want the outdoors to stay outside and not venture, uninvited into our homes.  Most of us can over look the occasional spider or common housefly but draw the line at roaches and colonies of ants, not to mention scorpions, tarantulas as well as a plethora of other harmful and sometimes poisonous spiders and snakes.  Luckily, there are a number of pest control services readily available to handle your pest control needs.  These Texas pest control providers offer everything from insect prevention to live animal trapping and relocation services.

What are common pests of Texas?

When you think of Texas pest control you most likely think about the typical home invaders like ants, spiders maybe even cockroaches.  What most people don’t realize is that while these insects may seem harmless Texas is home to a wide variety of poisonous insects and animals.  The Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders, most people would recognize but don’t forget about the Fire Ants, Wasps and Hornets.  Scorpions as well as a variety of venomous snakes like the deadly Copperhead, Cottonmouth and Diamondback all call Texas home.  Other common critters found in homes can include mice, rats, raccoons, opossums and even skunks.  In a climate host to many venomous and poisonous insects and animals it’s important to keep Texas pest control providers on hand.

What services can Texas exterminators provide?

Texas pest control providers often offer a number of pest control services to meet your individual needs.  In dealing with the common house ant, spider, or other invasive species, you can have your house and or yard sprayed.  They can also provide misting systems, which when installed, provide an automatic release of a biodegradable insecticide at your desired setting to continually ward off unwanted pests.  For animal problems such as birds, snakes, armadillos and other live animals most Texas pest control provides offer a live trapping service.  These trapping specialists humanely trap and relocate the captured animal to a protected wildlife area where they can live without causing harm or destruction to your home.

How to know if it’s time to call an exterminator?

If you’re dealing with annoying, possibly harmful insects or animals don’t hesitate to call pest control.  Texas is home to one of the widest ranges in climate, which promotes an unusually large variation in the species that inhabit this great state.  It’s great to appreciate all that nature has to offer, just not when it’s sharing your toothbrush each morning.  Whether you’re dealing with the occasional insect troop or an infestation there is a pest control service that’s right for you.  Don’t live with Texas pest control providers are licensed professionals are experienced in handling a variety of insects and animal pests to quickly eliminate your problem!