Record Rainfall Means Record Number of Mosquitoes

Photo courtesy DR Relling.

May 2015 was officially the wettest month in Texas history. An average of 8.81″ of rain fell across the state, or about 35 trillion gallons of water. The saturated ground means lots of stagnant water, which makes the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can ruin outdoor fun and spread serious illness.

One of the Worst Seasons for Mosquitoes in Texas

Mosquito populations are at their highest during rainy and warm months. With the record levels of rain, it’s no surprise that 2015 is already one of the worst seasons for mosquitoes in Central Texas. Current conditions are perfect for mosquitoes to multiply at an extremely rapid pace. Now is the time to kill off mosquitoes- before they multiply any more!

Small To Large Scale Spraying

Pest Management, Inc. is equipped to handle your small and large scale spraying needs. Our truck-mounted fogger is a fast, affordable and effective way to treat large acreages. From large backyards and neighborhoods, to commercial complexes, hospitals, and schools, we have the ability to treat mosquito issues quickly and efficiently.


Effective Mosquito Control

The most effective pest control methods are those administered by trained pest control professionals. Quick and efficient spraying means minimal disruption to routines and outdoor activities.

Pest Management, Inc. has provided quality pest control service for over 50 years. We know the areas we treat and what is required to treat them because we live here too. Contact a member of our team today or call 844-218-4044 to discuss your treatment needs and options.