Questions to ask a pest control technician in Austin

There are several pest control management companies in Austin that provide an effective service when called upon to eradicate pests from both homes and commercial properties in the area. However, every service provided is usually customized to the needs of the individual that it is being offered to so that the pests that have infested their property are eradicated completely.

It is therefore important that you are prepared with information and questions that you are going to ask the technician when he or she makes an inspection of your house to determine what kind of services you need to eradicate the pest infestation in your home. Here are a few questions that you can ask.

What should I expect when the extermination is done? Will there be a reduction in the pest population or a complete elimination?  This question helps you gauge the extent to which the company will go to make sure you have a pest free home or office.

What kind of pesticides will you be using and are their labels available for me to look at? This question allows you to know the kind of chemicals that are going to be used in the house and you can confirm their toxicity levels from the labels provided.

Are your technicians certified by a state agency and will the one you send to service my house be certified? Here, you want to be aware of the training credentials of the technicians and if they are recognized by the state body that deals with pest control technicians.

How much experience does the pest control technician have? This is an important question because some pests found in homes in Austin require special skills to eradicate them completely and this can only be done by an experienced technician.

Does the pest control management company offer guarantees and what is their cancellation policy? The answer to this question carries a lot of weight because you need to have security in case the technician causes any damage to your property. Also the inquiry on the cancellation policy is vital because you can find a company that gives you better services after you have booked another and you need to make a cancellation.

Overall, as you ask these questions be alert to how the inspector answers the questions and if they are able to effectively explain all the aspects of the service you are being offered. Make sure that the answers are not made just to suit you and that you are not made to make a hurried decision that you will probably regret.