September Brings Seasonal Cricket Boom in Austin

SeptCricketsMany Central Texans hope that September will bring cooler temperatures. While relief from the heat can vary from year to year, September is almost certain to bring something more unpleasant: huge numbers of crickets.

In the late summer and early fall months of August and September, people across Texas notice a big jump in the population of crickets seen gathered around homes and buildings. These annual, pesky events are sometimes called “cricket outbreaks.”

The regular, yearly appearance of cricket outbreaks is tied to the life cycle of the insects. Large numbers of the insects enter the adult stage during these months, developing wings and taking to the air to search for mates.

There is still much to be learned about why cricket outbreaks are worse in some years than others, but weather seems to play a role. The biggest cricket problems in Texas tend to develop when cooler temperatures and rain strike after a fairly dry summer.

When the insects show up droves, they often cause a very bad odor. Dead crickets can quickly pile up, causing an unpleasant experience for a homeowner and a potentially serious issue for businesses trying to attract customers.

One simple cricket control method is reducing bright outdoor lights that can attract the insects. It is also important to carefully seal off entry points like vents, doors ,and windows that can allow crickets access to the indoors. These small access points can be hard to identify, but a professional can help, and can use chemical pest control methods to get to the root of a cricket infestation.

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The detailed approach of experienced professionals will not only help solve a cricket problem now, but help reduce the effect of those future cricket outbreaks Texas is sure to see.