Strange Bugs: How to Handle a Sighting

So you’ve spotted an odd looking bug.  The first thing to do is not panic.  Just because you’ve spotted strange bugs doesn’t mean you’re in the beginning of a horror film.

We share this planet with many unusual and old creatures, and this fact definitely holds true for the world of insects.  There are about 400,000 different species of beetles alone, and some estimates go as high as 1 million!  Roughly 40% of all known insects are beetles.  In short, there are millions of different species of bugs, and seeing one that you are unfamiliar with shouldn’t really be that shocking.  Yet, there’s often no way around it – an unfamiliar bug can be quite unsettling.  How many more are there?  Where are they hiding?  Are they poisonous?

When Should You Get Help for Strange Bugs?

A strange looking bug could present an issue. Truly bizarre insects and strange bugs should get your attention.  If you have a strange bug sighting, you need to take action.

One family in Texas spotted a very strange bug.  They made the right decision by first freezing the bug to preserve it and then contacting the U.S. Department of Agriculture who picked it up for identification.  Why the USDA?  They are the experts on food safety, and that means they also know their bugs.

The Robles Family, who found the bug, then proceeded to bring in an exterminator just to play it safe.  A bug infestation is serious business, and that means you need to leave it up to the professionals.  The fact that there are so many different species and types of bugs in the world only underscores how difficult it is to know what to do when you come across an unknown one.  The odds are that the bug is fine. While annoying and potentially scary, it will likely be relatively harmless, but this isn’t always the case.  Some spiders are very poisonous and should be treated with extreme care.

Who to Call if You Have Strange Bugs

Professional exterminators are bug experts.  Since strange bugs are their job, you can be confident that your exterminator will have a good idea of whether or not your bug sighting is something unique or just your run of the mill bug.  In the end, you shouldn’t let yourself get too worked up about a strange bug sighting.  Instead, get in touch with a pest control expert and go back to sleeping easy at night.