What are the busiest times of year for pest control services?

According to a recent national study, summer months are the busiest times for pest control services for many reasons, but particularly in the area of bed bug control. The data was taken from five major pest control services located in different regions of the United States. They reported their experiences over a four year period of time. www.bedbugcentral.com/news/story.dfm/the-seasonal-increase-in-bed-bug-activity

As it turns out, July to September are the busiest months for pest control services to work on bed bug control. June and October are also important months. Two main reasons contribute to this.

First, in cool weather of 64 F, it takes an egg 66 days to become an adult. At 82 F, it only takes 14 days. So, in warmer temperatures, more bed bugs are hatching. That means more bed bugs to lay eggs. The cycle continues and more and more bed bugs are around.

The second reason the number of bed bugs grows in summer is because people travel more and bed bugs like to travel with them. Bed bugs do not have wings, but they like to crawl into luggage. A few bed bugs in a hotel room carried home in a suitcase can result in a home infestation.

Pests in general are more prevalent in summer, demanding pest control services. Although the climate and location influence what pests are a problem in the summer, flowers bloom in all areas and attract bees and wasps and even scorpions.

Bugs that were quiet and essentially hibernating in the winter come out in the summer. They have plenty of food available and are at their breeding peak. Bees, wasps and yellow jackets make hives in the eaves and, if left untreated, the hives can grow to be quite large. Pest control services are needed to get rid of them. Do-it-yourself methods will only disrupt the hives and possibly send the swarm into the house.

In the cooler months, termites burrow down in the ground in their nests. In summer, when it warms up, out they come and begin their nibbling on the wood of the house. This may be the first indication the homeowner has of the presence of the termite. If left alone, the termites will destroy the home.

Also, more homes are sold in the summer than in other months. It is standard procedure, and a legal requirement in some jurisdictions, to have a termite inspection of the home before the sale is complete. This creates more demand for pest control services.

Cockroaches are always a problem, but in the summer months they come into the house trying to escape the outdoor heat. They look for moist areas of the house where they can hide and lay their eggs. Pest control is needed to get rid of these ugly pests.

Pest control may be needed in the summer to get rid of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are particularly prevalent in humid areas but are found everywhere. Yards that are near wet areas are particularly vulnerable and may need extensive pest control assistance to get rid of them.