What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective approach to pest management that is also environmentally sensitive. Based on current information about pests and their interaction with the environment, the skilled technicians at Pest Management, Inc. use this information in combination with the most advanced and economical pest control methods available to manage pests with the least possible hazard to people, animals and the environment.

IPM programs are flexible, saleable and adaptable to their settings: residential properties, hotels, schools, hospitals, office buildings, agriculture, etc. It is important to note that IPM programs do not exclude the use the pesticides, though they can and often do, instead they focus on monitoring and preventive measures. Pest control tactics are resorted to as necessary and in a targeted fashion, with the least environmentally harmful and risky methods used first.

Catch Outbreaks before They Happen and Save Money on Pest Control

Monitoring pest activity and creating preventative strategies helps eliminate outbreaks. Studies have proven that IPM is the most effective way to control pests. When outbreaks occur, catching them quickly means the issue can be resolved more quickly, saving time and money and effectively minimizing the damage and inconvenience done by pests.

Why an IPM Pest Control Program is the Most Effective Approach

An IPM Program is a unique approach to pest control. It focuses on preventing infestations before they occur rather than dealing with problems after they exist.  If pests are found, this multi-faceted approach relies on the most effective and environmentally conscious approach to treating the problem.

This method of pest control has been proven to be the most effective way to manage and control pest control in homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, apartment communities and everywhere people live.

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