What is the difference in speciality pest control companies and Do-It-Yourself remedies?

You see a trail of ants sauntering across your kitchen deck. Your first impulse is to use a store-bought pest control spray. That may be just fine, depending on the kind of ant and where its home base is located. But, if it is a fire ant that nests in walls and ceilings, you have only killed the visible pests.

Do-it-yourself pest control remedies may be useful for getting rid of the few bugs you may see now and then. But there are a lot of reasons why you should call a pest control specialty company for a long term result. Here are some things to consider when evaluating the difference in a specialty pest control company and do-it-yourself remedies.

* Specialists are trained to identify and tailor the remedy for a specific pest. To the untrained eye, an ant looks like an ant. A specialist knows there are a number of different varieties of ants. Some, like the ordinary household ant, are just pests. Others, like carpenter ants, nest in walls, subfloors and ceilings of homes and cause actual structural damage.

What looks like an ordinary beetle may in fact be a type of wood eating beetle. These also have the potential to cause structural damage. Bed bugs can be confused with fleas and ticks. The specialist will know for certain what the pest is that needs to be destroyed.

Once specialists have identified the pest that is causing the trouble, they can use the pest control remedy designed for the specific pest. There may be remedies other than chemical. If not, the specialists will know the exact chemical that is required.

Sprays used by do-it-yourselfers are also specific to certain pests. The pest that will be killed with the pesticide is listed on the label. The downside is that if the bug is not properly identified and is not listed, it likely will not be killed.

* Specialists are trained to track the pest back to its source and eradicate it there. Specialists will crawl under the house and into the attic to find the pest’s home or nest. They know how to look into nooks and crannies to find the nesting site of the pest.

* Specialists are trained to handle the necessary chemicals. Pest control chemicals may be toxic. The specialist knows which ones to use, how to handle them and how to protect children and pets from ones that may be toxic.

* Specialists guarantee their work. If a problem returns during the warranty time, they will return to fix it. If you chose do-it-yourself methods and the problem returns, you will have to buy more materials or seek alternate methods to eradicate the pests.

* There is no known do-it-yourself remedy for some pests. Termites that cause structural damage can only be eradicated by specialists.

Bed bugs are another pest that cannot be eradicated with do-it-yourself remedies. Entomologist and bed bug expert [Susan Jones](http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2012/06/20/bedbugs-survive-most-do-it-yourself-attacks.html) says we are in the middle of a bed bug epidemic. She conducted a recent study which proved that all do-it-yourself remedies for bed bug control are ineffective. She said people are “wasting money on treatments that don’t work.”