Winter Weather Austin Pest Control Mice & Rodent Check-Up

With the temperatures falling as winter wanes on, rodents and other unwanted pests will be searching for ways to get inside where it’s warm.  With a few preventative steps you can make it more difficult for them to find their way inside your home or business.  A winter weather pest check-up will ensure that mice and other rodents stay outside where they belong.

In addition to being pests, rodents can contaminate indoor spaces with their droppings.  In their search for food and nesting supplies, they will chew through food packages and paper products, making a mess wherever they go.  They can chew through wiring, causing serious damage and creating a fire hazard.

The first step in performing a winter weather pest check-up is to thoroughly examine the exterior of your home or business.  Vents and ventilation openings are ideal spots for mice to crawl inside.  Make sure all gaps are sealed with screens or steel wool.  Also examine every location where a utility enters your dwelling.  Mice can squeeze through very small openings, so it’s important to examine even the smallest of holes.

Your HVAC unit is another spot that’s a favorite place for rodents to maneuver their way inside.  Where the unit meets the ground is generally on a concrete slab and is a favorable spot for mice and other rodents.  Be sure to look underneath the unit for any place there is a passageway inside and seal all openings well.

Check the bottom of your garage or utility doors for gaps.  If the seal is weathered it may need to be replaced in order to form a proper barrier.  Once mice enter your garage, the opportunities are endless for them to work their way inside your business.  They often make their way to the hot water heater where it’s warm, and from there will make their way indoors through the openings surrounding the heater.

If you enjoy feeding birds and squirrels in the wintertime, you may also be attracting mice and other unwanted rodents.  Keep feeders far away from the building to discourage mice from feeding and then making their way indoors.  Wood storage piles are prime hiding spots for mice and rodents, so stack wood as far away from your home as possible.

By taking a few precautions, you’ll make your home or business less welcoming to unwanted mice and other rodents.  If you find that your pest problem is more than you are able to handle on your own,  please call one of our pest control experts for a consultation.  We’re happy to help.