A Multifaceted Approach to “Eco-Friendly”

bIn recent years, more and more people have become aware of and concerned about the health of our planet. This growing awareness has lead to an increased demand for eco-friendly, “green” products and services of all sorts. But what does eco-friendly really mean, and how can pest control services stay green?

Eco-friendly simply describes something done in a way that is not harmful to the earth or the environment. It can also suggest something that helps conserve resources. This two-part definition can be seen in good eco-friendly pest control practices.

When it comes to keeping unwanted pests out of buildings, eco-friendly might refer directly to the products used. For example, Pest Management, Inc.’s Cryonite treatment and  heat remediation for bed bugs are two organic pest control treatment methods that effectively get rid of bugs without any harsh or harmful chemicals. The products used are natural, safe for the environment and completely chemical-free.

But environmentally-friendly pest control can go beyond treatment to include a long-term and strategic focus on prevention that helps conserve resources – like extra gas for transporting equipment to manage unnecessary treatments and excess wood for fixing termite damage that could have been prevented.

Approaches to prevention might include detailed inspections, pest exclusion methods to keep birds and bats out of buildings, pre-treatment steps to discourage termite infestations, and training and educating a building’s staff or tenants – all of which are chemical-free steps. These methods can be used to prevent a pest problem from ever occurring, or to prevent recurrence after an initial infestation is discovered.

Chemical pesticides are sometimes used to get rid of pests or keep them out of buildings. But when the focus is on prevention, reliance on these products can be reduced. This approach conserves resources and reduces the amount of chemicals used in the long run. A focus on prevention is key to creating both a greener and more effective pest management plan.

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