Controlling the Cricket Craze at Companies

Green grasshopper on leaf

By now, you may have noticed the invasion of crickets outside that may be making their way inside your commercial property. While they don’t bite or harm people or pets, they can be annoying pests. The loud chirping sound, which is made only by male crickets, can be a nuisance.

Crickets can be more than an inconvenience. They can be costly for business, especially when there is an infestation.

Cricket Season

It may sound like the sport, but there is definitely a period every year when there are more crickets crawling and jumping around outside. Crickets are typically in higher numbers during the transition from summer to fall. It’s during the fall season that a cricket egg is laid in the soil and the egg will hatch during the spring.

Crickets are hard to control and if an infestation occurs, it could lead to strong odors once the crickets die, which can be bad for business. They can also cause considerable damage to clothing, drapes, or other materials with their feces and feeding activities.

Controlling Crickets

There are initial steps you can take to control crickets around your commercial property, such as sealing any cracks or openings to your property around windows, doors, and closing up any gaps near foundation. Here are additional steps that can prevent crickets from gathering around or finding their way inside your business:


  • Remove any debris or vegetation that could become a hiding or breeding site.
  • Remove any food supplies outside, such as pet food, that could attract the pests.
  • Use as few lights as possible during the night.

The best method to prevent any cricket issues from around a commercial property is pest control. If there is a cricket problem at a business, both the inside of the property and the outside should be treated to ensure any areas where the crickets may have gone have been treated for the crickets and any eggs left behind.

If you have concerns about crickets at your business, contact our highly trained, expert technicians at Pest Management, Inc. today. Our team can rapidly solve a cricket craze at any company so you can focus on customers and not unwanted guests.