Crazy Ants Live Up To Their Name

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Crazy ants are running loose in Central Texas and wreaking havoc everywhere they land.  Most people who’ve encountered them call them the worst ants they’ve ever seen.  Crazy ants don’t seem to mind the distinction, they easily live up to it.

A recent NY Times article declares that 27 counties in Texas have reported cases of crazy ants.  They’re traveling quickly and they’re a force to be reckoned with.

Unlike most ants, crazy ants move quickly and handily with no clear intended path.  To the naked eye they appear crazy.  They zip around in large groups and can promptly form colonies of over 1 million ants.  If you stand in their way they’ll swarm your feet .   They’ll invade your air conditioner, make their way into your home or take over your lawn, making them all feel alive with the movement of thousands of ants.

When they invade your home they’ll quickly drive you crazy.  Nothing stands in their way and they are extremely aggressive.  They’ll infest your walls, take over your kitchen and destroy the plants in your yard. They drive out other ant colonies, including what many Texans have considered the worst ant species to this point – fire ants.

They carry two names: Raspberry Crazy Ants and Tawny Ants . They’re named for the man who discovered them, Tom Raspberry.  An exterminator in Houston he was the first to spot the species in 2002.  He predicted they’d move across the state, and he’s been proven right.  This mobile and prolific ant species has proven difficult to kill and nearly impossible to control.

Drawn to electronics and electrically charged areas, crazy ants are frequently responsible for short circuiting everything from air conditioners to laptop computers.

Homeowners can try traditional home remedies for controlling crazy ants but will find them unsuccessful.  As ants are killed by perimeter pesticide, their dead bodies form a bridge for new ants to easily gain access into your home without coming into contact with the poison.

Pest control experts across the state of Texas agree, crazy ants are one of the most difficult challenges affecting property owners today.  There is no easy solution to get rid of the pests, but an expert with extensive knowledge about crazy ants is your best approach to control the damage and keep the ants from driving you crazy.

Houston Crazy Ants Marching Across Central United States

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A relatively new species of ant that was first spotted in Houston crazy ants are a spreading menace that destroy many things in their path.

Where do crazy ants come from?

Originally native to Northern Argentina, crazy ants in Houston were likely introduced by a cargo ship traveling from the Carribean, where they were first discovered in 2002.

Named after a pest control expert who first discovered the species they are also called Raspberry Crazy Ants or Tawny Ants.  Due to their aggressive nature, in just over 10 years the ants have spread through Central Texas and have been identified in Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana.

If you’re not sure if your ant infestion is crazy ants, you can find sources online to help you identify crazy ants and find out for sure which type of ant is invading your property.

Why are Houston crazy ants dangerous?

If you live in Houstin crazy ants are a hazard that it’s wise to be aware of.   They don’t sting like fire ants, but they are far more harmful to the environment.  They are known to displace the ‘tame’ fire ants, which aren’t generally aggressive until bothered, and take over their territory.  Houston crazy ants don’t usually sting humans, but they prey on vital ladybugs and honeybees as well as baby birds.

For reasons yet to be discovered, crazy ants are drawn to electrical systems.  They don’t eat electrical wires, but instead build ‘bridges’ to travel within intricate electrical components which causes shorts.  They’ve been known to destroy everything from smartphones and laptops to air conditioners and vehicle systems.

How to treat crazy ants?

Raspeberry crazy ants are such a problem that many people turn to readily available fire ant poisons to try to cure the problem.  However, this new species of crazy ants in Houston is not affected by traditional ant poison.  The best way to control a tawny ant infestiona is to contact a pest control professional who can identify Houston crazy ants and adminster effective treatment to cure crazy ants.

Pests to watch out for as winter arrives in Texas

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Just because summer is over does not mean that pests have gone away. In the temperate Texas winter months, many bugs do not go into deep hibernation like those in northern states. This leaves the bugs active and looking for a slightly warmer climate to live in, and your home and yard are the perfect places for them to live while waiting for the weather to get warmer again. Here are some common household pests that appear during the winter months.

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