How to prepare for Texas Termite Season

Due in part to the warmer winters in the south, homeowners in Texas are at high risk for termites. No home is ever truly safe from termites, and if you neglect to utilize the proper precautions you can be facing several thousands of dollars in damages to your home as they literally consume your property. Do not fall victim to these household pests and take these steps as soon as possible to decrease your chances of a termite invasion.

Be sure to seal off any external cracks in the foundation or walls. Termites can enter your home in gaps that are less than 1/16 inch wide in the walls or foundation in attempt to find a new food source. Take the time to inspect the outside of your home for even the smallest cracks, and seal the sacks with an epoxy to lock the termites out before they can find a way inside your home.

Check for and remove any wood debris from the area around your home. When termites swarm and move to make a new colony they find the nearest wood source available to where they land. If this is in a tempting bit of soft wood near your home, it will not take long before they begin to flourish and look for additional food sources and a place to move their growing numbers. The next best thing to a pile of sticks is the established wood from which your home is made.

Inspect the areas around pipes for any cracks or leaks. Termites are sensitive to the elements and cannot survive exposure to heat and sun for long periods of time. As the colony begins to grow and they find new shelter, they will require mud to create the security tunnels they use to avoid excessive exposure. By sealing off any cracks and leaks in your pipes, you remove a potential water supply they could use to create mud, and you will decrease the termites’ desire to move in with you.

Nothing can take the place of having your home pre-treated and certified by a licensed exterminator. There are many things you can do to decrease the chances of termites from coming into your home. Termite attacks are not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when” for those who live in Texas. Hiring a licensed exterminator to inspect your home on a regular basis will not only put up the appropriate barriers in your home to deter termite invasion and remove any termites who happened to work their way into your home; it will also provide necessary information to your homeowner’s insurance if your home actually does take damage due to termites.

Following these simple steps will go a long way in to reducing the chances of termite invasion and in mitigating the damage they do should they find a way into your home. A house is the largest investment many of us make in our lives, so take the time to protect it with the care and attention that it deserves.