Rodent Control during the Winter Months 2018

Do’s and Don’ts of Rodent Control during the Winter Months
Mice and rats are great at finding shelter and food sources. The question is, how do you keep these great survivors out of your home? Pest Management is here to help you during these winter months and into the spring. Hopefully, these tips will protect your home
As we know rodents and mice can reproduce at a rapid rate, and controlling their populations is necessary. But taking these steps can help you keep your home rodent free for 2018.

Things to Do to Protect your Home:

Inspect your home at least once a week. Train your family members on what to look for signs of rodents in the house into their daily chores.
Sealing off entry points is essential. Make it difficult for rodents to enter your residence. Install door sweeps, seal cracks, check for small spaces under your doors and put door sweeps. Make sure to get rid of gaps around utility boxes and lines.
Protect your restroom. One tip that is very useful is to install plastic, one-way rodent-proofing valves in toilets to prevent mice and rodent from entering your residence via the sewer.Rodents are great swimmers.
Take out the trash every day and seal the top of your waste with an airtight lid.

Things not to do during the Winter:

Leave out food in your home. Rodents aren’t gourmet eaters and will take advantage of any food left out.
Clutter in your residence.Make sure you clean up your rooms and don’t leave clutter in your home. Rodents love chaos, and the clutter gives them a unique opportunity to bread and hide.
Let the landscaping around your home run wild and not maintaining a clean yard. Rodents like roof rats take advantage of tree branches touching your residents, so make sure to trim the trees.
Leaving standing water around your home and yard. Puddles and the water around your gutters give rodents the opportunity to thrive outside your home.

As you implement these best practices this winter, don’t forget to talk about your issues with Pest Management to monitor results and ask for additional tips. Communication is key for the prevention of rodents, and useful documentation can help you identify weaknesses in your residence. If you have any question, please contact us so we can help. Thank you and have a rodent less winter.