Pest Management

Pest Management, Inc. works to protect homes and commercial properties of all types from invading pests, germs, and the damage and discomfort they can cause. We help keep the people who live in and depend on these properties free of worry, healthy and comfortable. Learn more below about our different brands and the services they offer across the southern US.

Hill Country Pest Control

Hill Country Pest Control has been serving Central Texas since 1939 and is the oldest pest and termite control company in the region. This talented team provides Texas’ Hill Country with top of the line pest management services to control pests of all types, including bed bugs, ants and bats.

Hill Country Pest Control


GermLogic utilizes a variety of technologically advanced and highly effective methods to rid areas from viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi. From countertops at the home to sensitive production areas, to hospitals and fitness centers, GermLogic’s sanitation services and products help keep important environments germ-free and safe.

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