Residential / Property Management

By taking steps to protect the properties you own, you are taking steps to protect your investments and your future. Pest control services are an important part of protecting these properties.

Pests can cause damage to homes and other buildings, reducing their property value. Pests can also spread disease, bacteria and discomfort among current tenants, while dissuading future tenants from renting your property.

By working with Pest Management, Inc. to set up a residential service plan, you are taking a step to secure the happiness of your tenants and secure the value of your investment. Best of all, these service plans take the pest control burden off of your shoulders and allow you to never worry about unwanted pests again.

No matter how many properties you own, we can work with you to create an individualized plan for each home, taking into account that property’s vulnerabilities and needs. We will then take over, regularly providing pest control prevention services to the property, putting both your mind and your tenants’ minds at ease.

Depending on your needs, we can arrange monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly services at all of your properties. And, as always, our service plans are guaranteed – meaning if pests show up between scheduled service visits, we will come manage the problem quickly, at no extra charge to you.