As a governmental agency, taxpayers and residents expect you to operate efficiently and effectively. But when a pest infestation develops, it can cut into your ability to operate and result in delays, downtime and unexpected expenses.

The team of highly trained experts at Pest Management, Inc. can work with your agency to ensure that pest control issues don’t bring your department or your entire government to a halt.

No matter the size, scale or scope of your operations, we can create an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan that considers every detail of your facilities and functions. IPMs involve detailed inspections that identify areas that are vulnerable to invading pests, including possible points of entry and food and water sources. Our plan will also help you manage pest control communication between your departments. Pest prevention requires cooperation between all areas of your agency, including maintenance and sanitation. Your unique IPM will help you focus on prevention – by preventing pests from ever arriving, you prevent a huge headache for your employees and major frustrations for the citizens you serve.

We provide a wide range of comprehensive services to governmental agencies, including roach clean outs, staff training on pest prevention and regular monthly services. We have years of experience controlling pests of all types, including rodents, bats, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, flies and ants.

Contact Pest Management, Inc. today to explore how we can use our years of experience to help you address pest control issues and operate effectively.