Integrated Pest Management

Pest Management, Inc. offers Integrated Pest Management (IPM), along with many other solutions built around what your company needs to ensure your business stays pest-free.

IPM is a common sense, environmentally responsible approach to sustained pest control that combines a variety of different methods to effectively control pests. The goal of IPM is identifying potential problems and managing them early, before they become big problems. When necessary, an IPM program might involve chemical pesticides to eradicate the problem, but the focus is always on prevention – identifying and controlling conditions that may attract and support pests. This includes finding and eliminating or reducing sources of food, water and shelter as well as limiting pest access into and throughout the structure.

If you have questions about how Integrated Pest Management can help keep minimize your pest control costs, give us a call. One of our friendly, trained technicians would be happy to discuss how IPM can benefit your business.