As a retail business owner, the experience that customers have when they walk in your store is key. And nothing can interrupt and harm this experience quite like the intrusion of pests.

Beyond harming the experience of your customers and staff, pests can easily gain access to and destroy another cornerstone of your business – the goods you sell.

At Pest Management, Inc., we offer a variety of solutions for pest control problems, and we offer them in a way that will maintain the comfort of your staff and customers and limit retail downtime due to pest issues. We also take care to protect the structure of your establishment and safeguard your goods from the damaging reach of pests.

Our expert team can create an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan that will attack the situation from the ground up while protecting you from future issues. This IPM will take into account your unique business, structural details of the building, potential pest entry points, food and water supplies and the nature of the goods you sell.

As a part of our treatment plan, we offer organic, chemical-free treatments for sensitive materials and areas. These treatments minimize the amount of time your doors need to be shut when dealing with a pest issue and ensure you can bring customers back into a pest-free, safe environment as quickly as possible. These treatments are also safe for sensitive items of all types, from foodstuffs to technological devices.

We provide numerous full-service solutions for the retail industry, including controlling for ants, rodents, termites, flies and birds, bat removal, roach clean outs, bed bug prevention and control, mosquito misting systems and consulting services.

Contact us today and see how we can help keep your retail business pest-free, your goods protected and your customers happy in the process. Taking time for quality retail pest control can help keep your business one step ahead of competitors.