Pest Management, Inc. has worked with educators everywhere from day care facilities to universities to provide the safest environment for students to get an education.  Numerous species of insects are present in and around schools. A number of these pests are harmful to children and disrupt the learning environment in classrooms or in dormitories. Pests have been found to cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. They also can transmit life-threatening diseases to humans. Children and young adults are especially susceptible to these diseases. Cockroaches, ants, wasps, head lice, bed bugs and rodents are the main pests found in many schools.

At Pest Management, Inc. our goal is a pest-free school environment. To obtain this goal we customize an Integrated Pest Management plan specifically for your school, sporting facility and/or dormitories. IPM is a process that relies on prevention, inspection and communication. With IPM, pesticides are used to manage pests, after other non-chemical methods of control have been ineffective. Along with our efforts, the success of our IPM plan depends on the cooperation of many individuals. Proper maintenance, housekeeping and sanitation of buildings are important to achieve a pest-free environment.

Pest Management, Inc. Commercial Division provides full-service solutions to the education industry and specializes in the following solutions: ant control, rat & mice control, roach clean outs, bed bugs prevention & control, fly control, mosquito misting systems, termites, bird control, bat removal, product sales and consulting.