Pest Management, Inc. also provides consulting services tailored to those with long-term or complicated pest control needs. Our consulting clients have included federal and state agencies, business associations, manufacturers, schools and businesses with specific pest problems, like property management firms, hospitals, nursing homes and hotels.

Examples of our consulting services include:

Regular counseling on the prevention, detection and containment of bed bugs delivered by our highly trained technicians in order to educate your staff and help prevent the spread of pests in your property.

Pest control oversight and guidance for large public or private projects and review of existing pest control programs to spot potential trouble areas and advise proper improvements.

Implementation of our Bed Bug Protection Policy, which works like an insurance policy for bed bugs and can be extremely valuable for properties like hotels, apartment communities, hospitals and even single family homes with frequent travelers.

If you think consulting services might be beneficial to your home, business or property, contact our office to learn more!