Eco-Friendly Pest Control Treatment Options

Pest Management, Inc. proudly offers a variety of environmentally friendly pest management strategies and treatment options for both residential and commercial customers. We believe that whenever possible, organic pest control should be the first line of defense against invading pests. Call us to learn more about our eco-friendly pest control options and how they could help protect your home or business.

Chemical-Free Insect Treatments

To fight bed bugs, we offer two very successful, 100% chemical-free approaches to treatment – thermal heat remediation and Cryonite treatment. Bed bug heat treatment involves heating a home or business to a temperature at which the bugs cannot survive. Cryonite treatment involves freezing the bugs with a pressurized dry ice. Both methods are highly effective and completely organic pest control solutions.

Pest Management, Inc. offers environmentally-friendly treatments for flies, including strategic placement of organic control methods like fly lights. We can also work with you to develop a sanitation program for your business. This step goes a long way to keeping flies away, particularly for those in the foodservice industry.

We also offer termite pre-treatment plans that can help prevent a costly termite infestation down the road. These plans are implemented when a home or business is in the construction phase, and include environmentally-friendly pest control methods like moisture-prevention steps and complete debris removal from the worksite. These green approaches will help insure that termites don’t find a comfortable home on your property in the years to come.

Prevention: An Eco-Friendly Approach

At Pest Management, Inc., we believe prevention is key. This approach not only keeps pest problems from coming back, it also is the most environmentally friendly approach to pest control. A focus on prevention results in reduced reliance on chemical treatments to fight infestations and in a healthier, greener pest management plan.

Our range of eco-friendly pest control prevention strategies varies from pest to pest. But no matter what the problem creature, all of our operations are hinged around the environmentally-friendly approach of prevention.

Eliminating Food and Water Sources

A key element of prevention is identifying and eliminating food and water sources. The food sources targeted will vary depending on the problem pest, and can involve anything from scraps of wood at a worksite to unsecured food in your own kitchen. We also take care to identify and remove sources of water. This often means addressing leaks and finding damp, moisture-filled areas hidden within a structure.

Pest Exclusion

Another environmentally-friendly approach to pest control is the location and elimination of pest entry points, a process that is sometimes called “exclusion.” For bat infestations, exclusion involves bat-proofing the sides of buildings, while leaving a bat “escape hatch” for already present bats to exit through. For bird problems, exclusion can include placement of bird netting and wire to prevent buildings from being a comfortable nesting spot. For rodents, small holes of all types must be filled on the property.

No matter what the specific exclusion method, the approach keeps pests out in an eco-friendly way. The team at Pest Management, Inc. are experts at providing long-lasting, organic exclusion services for a variety of pests.