Tawny Crazy Ants / Raspberry Ants

Tawny Crazy Ants (also called Raspberry Crazy Ants), are a new species of exotic ant. Discovered in Houston, Texas in 2002, they are known to spread rapidly and are considered invasive.

Tawny Ants are reddish-brown in color, and are 1/8″ in length. They usually appear en mass, close to several million at once. Their movement tends to be an erratic crawl which led to the name crazy ants.

Large groups of Tawny Crazy Ants can cause such issues as ruining sewage pumps and alarm/computer malfunctions. To most people, these ants are more of a nuisance than a threat, but in the Houston area, where crazy ant concentrations are highest, many residents find they are unable to use their yards because of the sheer number of ants.

It appears that tawny ants are being spread in household refuse, bags or trucks of compost, hay bales and potted plants. As they spread, they may affect agriculture by eating crops and causing asphyxiation in some animals.

Treatment Methods

Texas Department of Agriculture allows the use of Fipronil (Termidor SC) to be applied in a wider band around the perimeter of structures in only those counties that have been listed as infested.
The most rapid and effective pest control methods are those administered by trained pest control professionals. Contact a Pest Management, Inc. expert to discuss control options.